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Sunset Drive in the Highlands: THE MOVIE!

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Highlands Sunset Drive: The Movie
As I drive, I stop (right in the middle of the single track road!) to say, "Oh Lord, it can't be any more beautiful than THIS!" Then I drive on...and it IS, more beautiful still! I'm so blessed to get to do this! So I wanted to bring you along....

Click here for the movie:
Highlands Sunset Drive Movie

More soon. Tomorrow is the "big drive"! From Dornoch at 6 a.m. (sunrise) to Durness (top NW corner of Scotland) across the top via Loch Eribol (stunning) to Tongue (equally wow!) then down through Strath Naver and it's amazing history of the "clearances" when so many people were moved off the land in the 1800s...with little walks. Hope to be home before 9 p.m and dark. Stay tuned.