US West Blog: Spring 2012

Life Mapping: Jackson Hole, WY

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Arriving Jackson Hole
5/9/12: Life Mapping: Jackson Hole, WY

Life Mapping. Imagine a map stretching from then to now. Two women, head to head over martinis and margaritas (where we used to choose beer). We place pins in rapid fire, cascading stories: co-constructing the two years we knew each other well (1973-1975), re-constructing and updating our perceptions of “before”, claiming the people and places and events “since.” We are stunned at what one remembers—and the other has absolutely no recollection of. We savor the power of a baggie full of 3x3” photos that I discovered just this weekend. OMG! Neither of us knew they existed. Wheh! And we’ve only been together 5 hours so far!

Jackson Hole: Snow-capped mountains, 70 degree sunshine, elk antler arches in the park, cowboy bars, “one of the top 10 art destinations in the world” but no one here right now. The historic Wort Hotel, boardwalks (literally) all around town. AND the first people I meet are British. From Lancashire, she says, as we take photos of antler arches and wave to her husband across the way. Ah, I tell her of my cousin Ann finding our Hudson relatives in Walley. “I think that’s in Lancashire?” Ah!!! Yes just 5 minutes from them! I love this world!

Today: Off to Hill City, South Dakota. Eight hours of drive time, more talk, and adventure—what WILL we find?