US West Blog: Spring 2012

My friend Barbara and I took off for the West. We drove from Jackson Hole clear to South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore and on the way back, the amazing Devil's Tower in Wyoming. We then explored Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks the last weeks in May. So we say them in pristine condition--with animals and snow, but almost no cars! Finally, we settled back into Jackson Hole where I played Ansel Adams, heading out at dawn to recapture his images of the Snake River and others' images of Mormon Row. I hope you'll enjoy!

South Dakota, Mount Rushmore


It’s a long way across the central part of Wyoming, with rather little to look at until we got to the Black Hills of South Dakota. ...more

Life Mapping: Jackson Hole, WY


Life Mapping. Imagine a map stretching from then to now. Two women, head to head over martinis and margaritas (where we used to choose beer). We place pins in rapid fire, cascading stories ...more

Traveling, May 2012


5/8/12: On the Road Again. Heading west to Salt Lake, then Jackson Hole. Two and a half weeks in the US West. This trip feels so different in so many ways. ...more