China Blog 2011

Blind Person Massage and Pedicure

Tuesday, Nov. 8.  Leaving Hangzhou, a  medium size city of only 8.4 million, for Nanjing, a smaller city of 4.5 million.  Nanjing is one of four ancient capitals of China.  We all loved last night...a theme park of Song dynasty. Locals were having a ball...all 8 million Of them, I a village set up like 800 years ago.  Food products, street theater, costumes, noise, smells, and hysterical laughter of pure fun.  Then we attended a great hour-long performance in a huge theater with battles, dancers, real, and contortionists and acrobats.  So Chinese!  

Today my stomach hit the wall. A three hour bus ride and one more of the very same Chinese lunches, but this one not good at all.  So I and a couple others ran down the block and I was saved: 4 KFC wings, and I think I'll live. Hallelujah for American medicine.  Tonight we went roaming the Confucius Temple market for wonderful lights along the river.  Again hundreds of Chinese exploring high and low end shops and mall.  But I am NOT a shopper. More on that to come. 

Driving along today from hangzhou to Nanjing, we passed communities of farmers' multiple- story homes painted bright colors with turrets and other decoration.  These towns would look normal and very nice at any U.S. Beach!  So how many Chinese now have this kind of money to spend?  And what are they doing out on week nights in malls?  We learned today that just a few years ago the government changed the work week from 6 days to 5 1/2 and now to just 5!  But still, everyone is off weekends, not Monday and Tuesday. 

Finished off the night with good friends at the hotel bar with a glass of decent wine and small slice of carrot cake....heaven!  By the way, it seems impossible to find wine in China!

A favorite sign seen on Nanjing street building, "Blind Person Massage and Pedicure."