China Blog 2011

Shopping Beijing

I was seeking a fix for my shattered screen IPad :( all works except lost sound for Skype etc), and a SIM card for phone (finding neither). Barbara needed rain boots, and I bought an $8 black Pashima shawl for a neck scarf here.  But mostly we enjoyed seeing how people talk, dress, ride the subway (40 minutes each way from our hotel), shop and work.  So many very young folks!

In 1987, stores with any kind of foreign goods were off limits to Chinese people themselves.   Travelers even got a different money: foreign exchange. Locals were desperate then to "change money, lady?".  The Black Market was the only way to get money that could be used to buy refrigerators and such.  It's a different world today!  

We have had enough of the city for now, and I--the solo traveler--even look forward to having a guide and driver, and 3 meals arranged tomorrow.  Does this mean I'm OLD?   Great Wall and Ming Tombs report tomorrow night!  All our group are here now too!