China Blog 2011

From Beijing!

Watched the lovely film set in Edinburgh and Scotland, an animated "The Illusionist". What wonderful illustrations of the city and a sad but touching story.

Just lived by the motto Rex and I had for travel: It is what it is. That got us through airport lines and thankfully directly to our Hee company driver. Quickly got two couples to their Marriott, but then got lost. :).

But had our first siting of Tianemen square: Mao looking older these days and the forbidden city walls still grand at 1 am.

Roomie, Barbara, and I now happily heading to sleep in the gorgeous 5* Pullman West Wanda hotel. This is exotically nice even by US standards! Now to test out the bed. Signing off at 3 am here on Weds, Nov. 2 while you all in eastern US are at 3 pm on Tuesday, nov 1 still. (I think!)